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Are you tired of wasting time in software, behind the computer monitor? Would you like to spend more time taking photographs and less time getting your order into the lab? Efficiency is what NEO Roes is all about. NEO Roes is a full feature, comprehensive ordering system, which allows photographers to order prints and services from digital images without having to spend hours in image editing software, like Photoshop, unless you want to! NEO Roes brings an ordering interface that is not only quick, but simplifies those tasks like, custom cropping, skewing, and obtaining multiple print sizes from one image, that in the past has required expensive software. The ability to create and fill your own custom designed packages and templates has never been this easy. Need additional services? That’s in here also, retouching, mounting, spraying, all just a few clicks away on your desktop. And speaking of a few clicks away, sending your order to lab has never been easier!

While having high speed internet is great in this digital era, it’s not always feasible or even possible. With NEO Roes, once the order is complete and verified on the neat and easy to read order summary, which has thumbnails (prints out great for client verification and sign off), you choose, whether to burn it to a CD or DVD, or send it via internet upload.

NEO Roes is a JAVA based application therefore it can be run on both a PC and a MAC. With this technology, all updates are automatic, just be attached to the internet when you start up NEO Roes, and everything you need is downloaded and updated, it’s that simple! No waiting for new catalogs files, products and software, just open the program and it will take care of these things for you.

Best of all, all this efficiency and ease of operation for the low price of FREE! NEO Roes is a program that you cannot afford to be without!

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