NEO Pro Imaging supports Timestone job files.

With Timestone you get:

  • Fast and reliable on site tethered shooting that allows you to photograph with confidence.
  • Support for most professional DSLR cameras means you can use your favorite camera.
  • Incredible download speeds of 2-4 seconds won't delay you as you work.
  • Pre-load your job with subject data and instantly match images to subjects as you shoot, or shoot without data, adding it later at your convenience.
  • Print ID cards and proof cards on site adding value to your sales.
  • Here’s how it works:

  • CapturePost is used on site to capture images from a tethered digital camera and match them to people (subjects)in the database.
  • Jobs are prepared prior to the shoot with PackBuilder or NeoPackProfessional. The job's database is populated with data if available.
  • The CapturePost photographer opens the job and connects their camera. Subjects are found by scanning a barcode or by keyboard lookup.
  • Once a subject has been found the photographer just shoots - the images are automatically matched to the found subject.
  • If data is not available it can be added "on the fly" or later at the studio.
  • Orders can be entered for each subject as you shoot, poses can be set, ID cards can be printed and more!
  • Completed order is transmitted to NEO Pro Imaging for order fulfillment.
  • Service Items can be produced including data CDs/DVDs, ID Cards, Stidky Backs, etc.
  • Options exist for online re-ordering, Iphone administrator database and much more!